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Smoky Sweet Potato Fries

Smoky Sweet Potato Fries

Ah, fries….We all love them, and then inevitably feel guilty when our fingers and pants are covered in grease and we realize we just ate a whole basket of fries. Or does that just happen to me? Well, I can tell you I’ve made these 3 times in the last week and haven’t felt guilty once! So I decided to measure the ingredients, call them Smoky Sweet Potato Fries, and share them with you. I realize I’m not bringing anything revolutionary to your table here. Sweet potato fries are everywhere. But I enjoyed these so much and I think you will too.  Continue Reading

Seasonal allergies

Nip Allergies in the Bud, Naturally

Spring is officially here with it’s warm, sunny days, fresh produce, and the scent of flowers in the air-along with the inevitable cloud of ragweed and pollens from trees, grasses, and flowers. For many of us, spring is synonymous with allergies, and that means hiding indoors for the next few months or relying on over-the-counter medication. Your symptoms may include a runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, sinus pressure, headaches (or an uncomfortable combination of all of the above), all of which feel crappy and prevent you from enjoying this long-awaited season. Allergies don’t have to be debilitating and inescapable. Read on to understand the underlying cause of allergies and how you can relieve them naturally. Continue Reading